Dial-Up DSL
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DSL Facts:

  • Up to 30x as fast as standard dial-up
  • Monthly or yearly plans available
  • Netpenny DSL currently only available in Michigan and portions of Indiana (South Bend and Indianapolis LATAs)

DSL Access...No Strings Attached!

What Is DSL?

              Fast! Up to 30x a dial-up connection.
              Always on. Never wait for a connection again.
              Easy. We will set up your equipment for you.
              Affordable. Multiple plans available.

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Residential Pricing - ATT Territory *

NO Contract required!
1.5Mbps x 384Kbps: $29.95/month
3.0Mbps x 512Kbps: $39.95/month
6.0Mbps x 768Kbps: $44.95/month


We Supply:
Purchase for $60 + tax - for router w/firewall
Purchase for $90 + tax - for router w/wireless option
Rent for $5/month + tax

You Supply:
You may use your own DSL modem, however support may be limited when dealing with non-Netpenny supplied modems.

* Call for Verizon territory pricing
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